Last Saturday, kicked off the first race in the Great Australian Swim Series. Very Happy to have three Grimsey's on the podium, even happier to be at the very top of that podium. It was beautiful conditions, and the race managed to draw an amazing crowd. Well, as much as I would like to think it was our race which drew the crowd, I can't help feeling they were more interested in the magnifcant whales leaping from the water behind us... or the coolangatta gold, one of Australia's most iconic endurence events. Even so I think we managed to put on a pretty decent show for the distracted spectators, It was a close sprint to the finish line - Three Grimsey's literally seperated on by mirco-seconds in the end.

Ridge Grimsey took it out fast to the first buoy, as always and we managed to dictate the pace from there. Pushing once more as we turned the final buoy ensuring it would be a grimsey.. grimsey... grimsey finish. This is not the first time this has happened and I dare to say it will not be the last time this season either. We find strength in training together and are inspired by one anothers success - sibiling rivalry is tested on a daily basis and there is no other rivalry quite like it. To be a professional athlete and race around the world is an amazing experience, but to be sharing this experience with my brothers is impossible to describe. I can not imagine doing anything else.

I wore Rocket Science Sport's new FU2 racers, They have been great to me all season and I think they are the most comfortable, fastest racers on the market today. I would also like to thank Strathpine Physio and Sports Care, they have been amazing support to my brothers and I over the last two years. We owe alot of success' to Dean and the team and I look forward to a long partnership with you guys.

'don't count the days, make the days count', is a perfect fitting quote that sums up Trent's work ethic. This Saturday morning at 5am England time he will be swimming from England to France. I am very excited for Trent, it has been a long time goal of his and has certainly given me motivation over the last few months. If you would like to follow his performance, check out this live stream: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0RsLqd0OfljkLGCkqOSpPqE8DLAaEKhMc

In other news I will be tackling the Tiburon Mile for my second time this Sunday. I came 2nd here last year, and with a $10,000 winner take all cash prize it is Needless to say 2nd place is motivation enough.

I'm looking forward to racing, my taper is beginning to take effect. I have treated my body very well during my travel and it is beginning to show its appreciation. There are some fast swimmers in the field, and there are some experienced swimmers. I think I have struck a perfect combination of the two. If there is an open water swimmer (in this field) that can break the 15.18 for a 1500 then he will have to bleed to beat me.

Stay well,

Hi Readers,

It's been a great few months of training since I've been back in Brisbane, training alongside my brothers, Ridge and Trent. We've found some great speed and accomplished some pretty ridiculous miles in the pool. Sets ranging from 15x1000s short rest to 5x100s lactate tolerance. Not only have I managed to continue the new skills and stroke I had been developing down in Melbourne, but I have built a very solid winter work load under head coach Harley Connolly ahead of this year's races.

Two weeks ago I competed in a small regional competition hosted by River City Swim Club, where I swam a 15.18 in a short course 1500. This time was okay, but expect much faster. This weekend I had the pleasure of representing Team Tattersalls for a third time alongside my brothers as well as good friends Alex Skudinski of Germany, Yoelvis Pedraza of America, and team leader Peter Theil. This was the first time Team Tattersalls had competed in the Trans Tahoe Relay and we managed to win by almost 7 minutes and set a new course record of 3 hours and 13 minutes. There were 182 teams, (1092 competitors) who traveled across the incredibly cold (16degree celcius) stretch of water - congratulations to all who finished.

Where to now? Good question! While I may have been the 2011 Australian 5km Champion, after one bad performance at the beginning of 2012 I have been declared 'unfit' to race World Cup and Grand Prix races for the rest of the year. I found it extremely frustrating having limited say over the direction of my own career, especially after all the time and money my love ones and I have invested into the sport.. only to go under appreciated by the powers that be. However, I refuse to dwell on the things I can't control and have shifted my focus onto races that I am able to compete in. From Marathon to Mile, I will cover it - over the next few months. Next I will be traveling to Croatia, Hawaii and San Fransico.

Stay tuned for Results!

Codie Grimsey

Hi Everyone,

I have moved back to Brisbane and after a 6 month stint in Melbourne, where I had the honour of training under one of Australia's greatest up and coming coach's Michael Sage. While my times in the pool took a beating I still believe the move to have been beneficial to my longevity in the sport. Not only did it give me great insight into being a better athlete outside of the pool, but I was also able to improve my skills and stroke efficiency in the pool. Unfortunately for me six months was not enough time to build strength of this new and improved stroke, but I am determined to stick with the changes back in Brisbane and am confident that these changes will hold me in great stead for 2013 World Champs. I would also like to thank the Armstrong family for allowing me to take up residence for the better part of 6months in their back yard bungalow; they made the transition so much easier for me and are very kind hearted people.

I am also very proud to announce that I have partnered up with Rocket Science Sports. Rocket Science Sports designs and manufactures a complete line of triathlon sporting wear and multi-sport accessories as well as a swimwear line. Their products are based upon detailed scientific research and the application of engineering concepts specifically designed to maximize aero and hydro dynamics, durability, efficiency, and of course, style. Rocket Science Sports is my brand of choice!
Training has been going incredibly well at the moment, its great to be back at Lawnton under Harley Connelly and training alongside my brothers Trent and Ridge again. We have been pushing ourselves to new limits and I am confident that there will be three Grimsey's hitting the international circuit this time next year. This weekend I will be flying over to the Cayman Islands, located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters, white sands and warm weather all year round. The annual Flowers One Mile Sea Swim is in its 20th year and has been named one of the World’s Top 13 Open Water Swims. If you want to follow my progress hit me up on Twitter @Codie_Grimsey

All the best,
Codie :)
Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the lack of updated blogs.  I've been pretty busy since Worlds with a USA tour, as well as relocating down to Melbourne. First things first, thank you for all those emails and text messages of support - means a lot to me. I was reasonably happy with how I went in the 5km at Worlds, managed to position myself well throughout the race, finishing 24th overall - only 19seconds behind winner Thomas Lurz. Was such a great experience and a fun team, I am looking forward to 2013 and beyond so I can pursue open water some more.

In the mean time, I will be focusing all my energy on the 2012 Olympic 1500m selection event. With a time of 15.32, I figure I need to knock at least 20seconds off my best to be competitive come trials next march. It is because of my desire to match it with the pool's best that I decided to change clubs and coaches. Sometimes change is good, it has re-ignited my love for the sport and I am now more motivated than ever before!

As mentioned earlier I have recently returned from my 2011 USA tour. It was quite an experience. Completed my first 20km ocean marathon in LA stretching all the way from Manhattan Beach to Venice Beach. Upon completing this four and a half hour journey we were greeted at Venice by a 'women's equality... nudist protest' haha. LA is nice! We were also given an exclusive tour of Sony Pictures Productions by good friend Alex Kostich. As well as visiting the famous six flags rollercoaster theme park, congratulations are in order for my brother, Trent who conquered some of the scariest rides there, he’s come a long way from getting queasy giving blood.

From LA, my brother and I went on to Hawaii, where we competed for team Tattersall’s in this year's Maui Channel Relay. Congratulations to Peter Theil and Team Tatts, for their 5th consecutive win in the event. It was nice to finally get some closure on 'who had the better team' after the controversy that was remembered at last year's event. Winning by a gap of 3minutes - that's approximately 300metres or 328yards if you’re an American. Team Tatts continued their winning streak with 5 of the 6 team members finishing in the top 5 at this year's Waikiki Rough Water event.

Trent and I concluded our tour in San Francisco, where we had the opportunity to train alongside one of Australia's best middle distance and distance freestylers leading in to the prestigious Tiburon Mile. It was great getting to pick Ryan Napolean's brain and get some technical tips ahead of next year’s pool trials. Great swimmer, better guy (you can follow him @ http://saidnapoleon.blogspot.com/).

Tiburon was a pretty awesome experience, we managed to fit a lot into the space of just two weeks: Thanksgiving dinner in September with the lovely Patricia McDowell and her daughter Callan, comedy stand-up show/American history lesson, Karaoke in our 'Budgy Smugglers'... and then there were a few experiences that we would rather have forgotten (but instead I'll just write about it on the world wide web): stalled a Porsche in the driveway of In and Out Burger, abused by Giants fans for wearing a Dodgers’ hat to a game they call 'baseball', rash off an unidentifiable team mate who had contracted some type of allergic reaction to the emergency........ Naturopath! We later found out that this was Ryan, haha. 

I prepared as best I could for the mile in below 14 degree Celsius waters... but in the open water anything can happen (often why I love it) but not today haha. Kane Radford of New Zealand managed to get one up on me again! With only three seconds separating first and second - $10,000 and nothing. It certainly is one of those races where if you not first..... you’re last  :(  haha.

Melbourne is going well - change is hard but not many opportunities like this come along very often, so I intend on grabbing it with both hands  :)

Bring on 2012!

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend I competed in the 2011 Australian Open Water Championships, where I made my first Australian senior World Championship team.

Before I go into the race debriefing, I would just like to thank everyone for their messages and emails. I really appreciate all your support over the last year. I would like to thank my parents for helping me get to this point. They are unbelievably generous people who have sacrificed so much for my career; I would not even be able to continue swimming without their ongoing support. My coach Harley Connolly. My Sponsors: Balance Sports Nutrition and Genesis Fitness Club. My training partners: Trent Grimsey, Michael Shiel and Tash Harrison. And everyone else who has helped me along the way including: Warren McGregor, Malcolm French, Wayne Cooley, and Cameron Watt.
The 10km was not such a good result for me. I unfortunately got boxed into the back half of the front pack which was left behind after the 5.5km mark. After managing to force my way out, put in a solid 1km and caught back up to Ky, Browney and Rhys Mainstone. Little did I know Trent was 40-50 metres ahead of us with 1500metres to go (breaking away before I caught the chasing pack). When the pace picked up with 1km to go, I just couldn't handle the pace and had to settle for 8th position. No excuses though, lots of lessons learnt for next time. It is a little depressing not to be representing Australia for open water swimming at the Olympics. But in the grand scheme of things it's only an event, not the end of the world. Still very grateful to even be representing Australia in Shanghai, China.
I am extremely happy to have won the 5km event, and am actually looking forward to the pool nationals in three weeks time. My training is on track for a huge personal best in the 1500, and would love to add the event to my racing schedule in Shanghai.

Below is a story from the Australia Swimming website on my 5km victory.

Stay well,

I am proud to announce a new partnership with Balance Sports Nutrition.

Balance Sports Nutrition is one of the longest running, most trusted sports nutrition brands in Australia and New Zealand. I have been using Balance Ultimate Body Performance products for well over a year now and am happy to announce I will be using many more.

I will be using:
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- Energy Squeezegels
- Matrix 7 Protein
- N.O. Blast
- Sports Multi Plus Antioxidants
- Ultimate Recovery Stack

Balance Nutrition Advisory Team draws on many years of experience and is backed by elite-level sponsored teams, individuals and personal trainers. As a proud Australasian based business, Balance Sports Nutrition has its own quality system and NZFSA*, Medsafe & TGA certified manufacturing facility, this allows maximum quality control, which in turn guarantees you maximum results. All products carry a quality seal, are developed on-site, and no product from Balance Sports Nutrition includes any of the ingredients designated as “prohibited substances” in the 2009-2010 prohibited list from WADA.**

So whether you’re a pro athlete or just starting out, performance nutrition is a vital component of your healthy diet, delivering benefits that everyday foods may not deliver.Supplementation not only gives you that elusive edge in performance, it may help address deficits in your diet that naturally result from hard training and competition.

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In practice, you won’t always be able to cover all bases with regular foods, hence the requirement of ready-formulated performance nutrition. In addition, sports supplements are specially formulated to contain more concentrated amounts of the active ingredients you will need to obtain maximum performance benefit.

Hello all and welcome to my blog for another week.

A lot has happen since last time so will try my best at covering everything, including the Australian Distance Camp on the Gold Coast; Bondi to Bronte ocean swim; and The King of the Sea, in Brazil.

I left Brisbane on the 7th of December and after 5 flights and 22 hours in the air I arrived in Brazil early Thursday morning. As tired as I was at 1am in the morning, driving through the streets of Rio de Janeiro towards the hotel, I was instantly taken back by its beauty. Not just the women, but its landscape, the buildings, mountains and beaches... breathe taking. That morning I managed to sneak in a 2 hour nap, before rising for the early morning press conferences and photo shoots. This trip was full of new experiences for me, never has there been this much of a hype-up leading into the race. Live coverage of the race would be streamed around the nation on Globo TV, and the media were eating it up. "Will Codie Grimsey, brother of the 2009 winner Trent - be able to keep the title in the family name? Or will 2009 Runner Up, Chad Ho snatch the win this time around... Five of the best from around the world will face five of the best Brazilians, Who will surface as King of the Sea.'

The Start list was full of very intimidating and experienced athletes. Including three Olympians in Chad Ho, Allan Do Carmo and
Arseniy Larvrentyev, a World champion in Alex Meyer and other world class athletes such as Alexander Studzinski and Samuel Menegon. Friday morning we raced the King of the Sea Sprint Challenge (the lead-up race), which would determine the starting positions for the King of the Sea main race the next day. It would also determine the order in which we take our feeds as we ran up the beach, and this was our real incentive for winning - along with the cash prizes, I guess... Leading from start to finish in this 700 metre dash I managed to lunge across the finish line and win by a fingernail's length over Brazilian’s Samuel Menegon, with Alex Meyer coming in a close third.

Sunday I took out the King of the Sea's main race in a very fast pace, stretching the field up over a distance of about 50metres, at one stage I even had a 20metre lead. Unfortunately the pack caught me by the 3rd lap, and I finished the race 7th. Big congratulations to the winner Alexander Studzinski of Germany, he raced smart and was the better man on the day.

"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down into the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even." - Muhammad Ali.

One week prior to leaving for Brazil I was invited down to the Gold Coast, to train under Australia's most recognised distance coach, Dennis Cottrell. It was the annual Australian Distance Camp, which attracted the best middle distance, distance and open water swimmers from around Australia. I took many great experiences from this week, not only is it good for comparing yourself with other competitors, but it can also can give you that little bit more motivation to train even harder when you get back home. It is easy to see why Dennis has had so much success in swimming over the past 30 years, he's enthusiasm to train was contagious, his ability to recall and retell sets and splits from past years, inspiring; and the knowledge he possessed of swimming and stroke improvement, are unlike any coach I've seen before.

Immediately Following this camp I flew down to Sydney and competed in the famous Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim. It was a hot, summer day, and yet the water temperature remained under 17.5 degrees. This Allowed competitors to take advantage of the under 18 degree wetsuit rule, and yet strangely enough few competitors did. But I would not take any risks in losing; if any of my competitors wore a wetsuit - I would not allow them to have an advantage over me. It was a controversial win because of the wetsuits, but it didn't bother me at all.

Next week I will be traveling up to Noosa with my coach, Harley and a few training partners to train with my old coach, John Rodgers for a week. I have not seen him since he departed for Canada over a year ago, so I am very excited to see him again.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Hi All, and Welcome to my blog for another week...

Over the weekend I competed in New Zealand's largest participated ocean swim, the 'State Harbour Crossing', a 2.8km ocean swim starting at Quinton Park, Bayswater and finishing on the northern side of Te Wero Island, Viaduct Harbour. It was miserable, windy, overcast weather; but this would not dampen my day. The water's temperature was around 20 degrees, and it was my debut wetsuit race. The tension was high at the start line with the likes of Kane Radford; king of this course having won 3 of the last 4 years here; Philp Ryan, good friend and long time rival of mine having raced him at the 2010 Open Water trials and Oceania Championships - only to be beaten by him just last month in the Dubai World Cup. This race also featured New Zealand stars Steven Kent, Matthew Stanley, aswell as the defending champion Bryn Murphy.

The Startline was roughly 60 metres wide and it was interesting to see just how the other competitors would position themselves on the line. Tactics had began before the race had even started. Steven Kent (brother of Dean Kent) took the straight line option and positioned himself as far right to the startline as possible. Kane Radford, took the opposite approach and positioned himself far left on the line, where it looked to me as though he would have had to swim at least ten to twenty metres further, in order to get back on course. Did he know something that the rest of us didn't? Is there a current? Asking myself these questions, as I treaded water between the two favorites, contemplating which one to follow the start hooter sounded... and I was off to a flying start.

By the 400 metre mark all the elite field had come together, but the geological ordering of us had not changed. The pace felt quite easy for the first 1000 metres, and we were all very close, when suddenly Steven split - redirecting himself into a far right line, taking majority of the field with him. Kane, Philp and I stayed straight, before they both split and took a slightly left route. Not wanting to commit, I kept stright... and won in a time of 33minutes and 15seconds, just 20 seconds in front of 2nd place, Bryn Murphy, followed by Matthew Stanley, Philp Ryan, and Kane.

This was the first time I had ever raced in New Zealand, and I must say I was very impressed. Not just with the depth and quality of competition, but I can honestly say this was one of the most efficiently organised races I have competed in. Registration was done a day prior to the race, to avoid any last minute frustrations. Scott Rice, the race director and State Insurance the major sponsor of the event, deserve a pat on the back. Every precaution was taken to make sure saftey was their number one priority. And it was fantastic to see the great number of Saftey Crafts out on the water, especially following the tradgic loss of Fran Crippen in Dubai last month.

It's good to be back in Brisbane, preparing for the Australian distance training camp, held at Maimi next week. Followed by the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim on Sunday.

Stay tuned for updates,

Codie Grimsey.
Hi All and welcome to my first blog,

Over the weekend I competed in a Queensland Qualifying meet, at Chandler Aquatic Centre. Managing to knock off 2 seconds in my 200 metre time, and swimming a 15.45 in the 1500 metres, just six seconds above my best. It looked to be quite a tough feild with the likes of Trent Grimsey (older brother), Matt Terry, David Browne, Michael Shiel and Joshua Richardson, but approching the 400metre mark, it proved to be a two horse race, Terry took an early lead, before I came back at him with 500 metres to swim managing to snatch the win. Considering the heavy work load I have been in leading into this meet, I would have been over the moon with anything below 16minutes.

Its now Tuesday, and I am back into the swing of things, preparing to leave for Auckland on Friday, for the Harbour Crossing race; New Zealand's largest participated ocean swim. I am really looking forward to racing there, as this particular swim is reknowned for attracting New Zealand's best.

Stay tuned for updates,